Levari: A Large Company investing in the Real-Estate Sector

Written By - Amwal Al Ghad
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Levari: A Large Company investing in the Real Estate Sector

In an exclusive statement, Mohamed Shaaban-Partner of Levari law firm-affirmed that the real-estate sector is currently qualified for mergers and alliances between real estate companies. As in Egypt, we have large companies with financial and technical solvency along with strong expertise in facing market challenges. Such alliance should not be in hard times only, as an alliance between two big companies may result in one strong entity implementing integrated urban projects.

Mohamed Shaaban pointed that there is a high demand in the sale of residential units especially in the new administrative capital of Egypt and new industrial zones, adding that the real-estate sector is considered a safe & confident zone for investment.

Furthermore, the Egyptian real estate is now eligible to compete with the international competitors and to attract investors and foreign clients, as there is a real high demand based on Egypt’s large population, it is also the most profitable compared to many other markets. Taking into consideration, the development plan implemented by the state and the available investment opportunities, which highly encourages investors to join the Egyptian market.

Mohamed Shaaban, finally reveals that a large foreign company will be investing in the Egyptian real-estate sector within the upcoming period, adding that Levari will advise on this transaction.

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