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Levari annual event 2014

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Livari organizes its annual conference with the presence of 100 businessmen

To Evari company hosted a partner in London “Beetmanz annual” her event entitled Banking and Finance in the technology sector sector (Banking and Finance in Tech), and this event aims to link investors and the banking sector and between entrepreneurs and companies operating in the technology sector.

Livari and its partner in London, Pitmans, hosted their annual Banking and Finance in Tech event, which aims to connect investors and the banking sector with entrepreneurs and technology companies.

The event was attended by a group of businessmen in the technology sector, in addition to experts in the field of investment and finance. Managing Director of Sawari Ventures, Con O’Donnell, Executive Director of Hindawi Foundation, Mr. Richard Devall, Partner, Pitmans English Office, and Mr. Mohamed Raslan, Partner, Livari Law Firm.

Sherif Hefny, Partner at Levari Law Firm explained that “Egypt’s technology sector is promising but needs more attention than the finance and banking sectors. Therefore, the aim of this year is to combine these two sectors and discuss ways of cooperation and what the technology sector needs. To grow and prosper.”

For his part, Mohamed Raslan stressed that “there is a gap between the financial sector and technology companies in understanding the nature of the work of these companies, which affected the support of these companies and thus affected their ability to grow and compete and hence our role in combining the two sectors to reduce the gap and increase the awareness of the financing agencies of the importance of this sector. And what it can achieve in the Egyptian market.”