Egyptian Prime Minister Resolutions 24.3.2020

Written By - Amr Hareedy, Associate
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The battle against the Coronavirus “COVID-19” continues and the Egyptian Government “the Government” is always trying to eliminate the infected cases by taking extraordinary measures to keep the Egyptian citizens safe and secure.

Lately, and in order to cease the spread of the virus, the Government issued several resolutions across the country suspending international flights, studying at universities and schools, closing sports centers, restaurants and cafes, etc.

But unfortunately, and until this moment, the number of infected cases is continuing to escalate, thus, the Egyptian Government decided to take more restrictive measures to avoid any crisis to take place.

On Tuesday 24th of March 2020, the Prime Minister Mostafa Madbouly issued a new resolution that includes more than one decision to avoid the spread of COVID-19. These decisions shall be effective from tomorrow and during the next two weeks.

Please see below a summary of these decisions:

  • A night-time curfew shall be imposed on all citizen movements in all public roads from 7 in the evening till 6 in the morning, for two weeks;
  • Public and/or private transportation shall be halted from 7 in the evening till 6 in the morning, for two weeks;
  • Commercial stores and malls shall be closed from 5 in the afternoon till 6 in the morning, with complete closure on Friday and Saturday, with the exception of pharmacies, bakeries, and groceries;
  • Sports’ clubs, youth centers, sports arenas and other places of leisure activities shall be completely closed for two weeks;
  • Services presented by various governments to citizens shall be halted including real estate registration offices and traffic and licenses’ services, with the exception of newborns and mortalities.
  • Restaurants and cafes shall be closed, with the exception of delivery services;
  • Suspension of studies in schools and universities shall continue for another 15 days;
  • Continuation of the decision to decrease the number of workers and employees in all governmental organizations for another 15 days, at the end of the period specified by the previous decision, with the exception of hospitals and those working in hospitals;
  • Penalties stipulated in the Egyptian Emergency Law shall be imposed in case of any violations, including fines with a minimum amount of Four Thousand Egyptian Pounds (4,000 EGP) or imprisonment.
  • The Ministry of Interior would be dealing firmly with anyone who would violate these decisions as he/she would be harming his family and the country as a whole

From Levari’s family to yours, please keep yourself and your families safe and abide by the state’s preventive and precautionary measures to curb the outbreak of the Coronavirus (COVID-2019).