Copyrights transfer of “Paranormal” Series of Novels to Netflix

Levari Completes the transfer of the Intellectual Property Rights of \’Paranormal\’ Series to Netflix

Levari completes the transfer of intellectual property rights of \”Paranormal\” series of novels by late author Ahmed Khaled Tawfik to \”Netflix.\”

Sherif Hefni, Partner at Levari, has revealed that the firm has completed the transfer of the intellectual property rights of \”Paranormal\” series of novels of the Egyptian writer Ahmed Khaled Tawfik, to be featured in a drama series through Netflix online platforms.

Hefni further commented on his cooperation with Netflix, stating that this cooperation is not the only one between the two parties as Levari has also prepared and drafted reports and legal opinions for Netflix on a range of topics.

Netflix also announced earlier that “Paranormal” drama series is considered the first Egyptian work presented by Netflix.

Paranormal will be produced by Mohamed Hefzy, and Amr Salama as the showrunner, who will also be the director.

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