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The team at LEVARI is composed of talented and experienced legal professionals who are passionate about providing exceptional service to our clients. Our widely diverse backgrounds and areas of expertise enable us to ensure comprehensively designed legal solutions across a wide range of industries. We invite you to learn more about our expert team and the wealth of knowledge they bring to LEVARI.

| Yasmin Alafaliq​

Riyadh, KSA
Corporate Team
Email: yalafaliq@levarilaw.com

In 2022, Yasmin joined the Levari family by becoming the firm’s appointed partner in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Yasmin is an experienced lawyer with extensive knowledge of the Saudi Arabian laws and regulations which are supported by a degree in Law from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. She takes pride in providing the best services with the highest of quality.

In addition to her legal expertise, Yasmin is also a skilled negotiator and problem-solver, allowing her to effectively represent her clients in a variety of legal matters. She has a passion for helping others navigate the complexities of the legal system and strives to achieve the best possible outcomes for her clients.

Yasmin's dedication to her work and her commitment to excellence have earned her a reputation as a trusted and reliable legal professional in the Saudi Arabian legal community. She is known for her attention to detail, her strategic thinking, and her ability to effectively communicate complex legal concepts to her clients.

Yasmin holds bachelor’s degree of law (LLB) from King Faisal University in 2019.

She is fluent in Arabic and English.


At LEVARI, we are devoted to offering you the comprehensive legal support necessary to ensure your business success.

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